You may have been led to believe that we sold one of our customers an unfinished, low-quality home but that is not the case. 

The clients entered into a cost-plus contract for the construction of their home. Per the cost-plus contract, Fourteen Estates was essentially hired to provide general contractor services for the construction of the home. All other costs were to be borne by the clients, per the contract. The clients occasionally opted to retain sub trades that were not recommended by Fourteen Estates and which were managed by the client, rather than Fourteen Estates. There were significant delays caused by issues encountered as a result of the clients’ choice to attempt to retain and manage sub trades – as is often the case when prospective homeowners attempt to manage construction projects and utilize sub trades not recommended by Fourteen Estates.

Fourteen Estates acknowledges that the home was not complete. Fourteen Estates was forced to withdraw from the construction of the home due to non-payment by the clients. Fourteen Estates was not under any obligation to complete the construction, given the non-payment.

Fourteen Estates was not able to complete what would have been an exceptionally-built luxury home. An unfinished home, such as this, will inevitably have problems that a finished one does not. By leaving their home unfinished, the clients assumed those risks.

This website is intended to inform people of our side of the story and showcase all of the beautifully finished homes our team built that customers were happy with.