Claim: Our shingles are different colors. Very obviously visually different colors. We told 14 Estates that this was unacceptable and it needed to be fixed. 14 Estates told us to ‘wait it out and see if they blend in over time’. Shawn Rondeau (the current president of 14 Estates) says “it’s only a slight difference and I could barely even see it”. Take note that this photo is 100% original and no filters have been applied to it. I could have applied filters to it that would have shown it even more drastically but I haven’t done that to a single photo I’ve posted to date and I’m not going to start now

Fourteen Estates Response: With a roof of this size, it is common to obtain shingles from different ‘dye lots’, meaning that they have slightly different hues. In our experience, shingles from different ‘dye lots’ typically blend together after 12 months’ exposure to sunlight. We were aware of the presentation of the shingles and, per our usual practice, informed the homeowner of our intention to re-assess the presentation after 12 months. The homeowners were agreeable with our intentions.

We have not been provided with any information as to whether the homeowners proceeded pursuant to our intended plan after we were forced to withdraw from construction.