Claim: All the windows and doors in the main family room were wired for Smart/Switch Tint which is a tint that is applied to the windows and has an electrical current through it and you flip a switch and the windows instantly tint out to block the sun. This was a feature that was to be included in the house from day one and yet 14 Estates did not do their research and when we had our tint guy show up to install the tint on the windows, he immediately had to remove it because the windows are not proper for the tint to be installed. Windows must be tempered in order to have tint installed on them and if they are not tempered, the windows could shatter. We have triple pane windows which apparently makes the situation even worse. We now have 28 individually wired windows (that we had to pay to have wired) and we cannot install tint on them.

Fourteen Estates Response: The glass does not need to be tempered to have a tint function.

By email dated September 20, 2016, Fourteen Estates notified the homeowners that the trade Fourteen Estates was hiring pursuant to the instructions of the homeowners, All Weather Windows, did not install switch activation for tinting glass. The homeowners elected to proceed with All Weather Windows and to directly hire a trade to complete the tinting. Fourteen Estates ensured window installation was completed pursuant to the instructions of the homeowner and was not involved in the subsequent attempt at installing tinting on the windows.