Claim: See below mixed with the official response. Claims are in non-bolded text.

Fourteen Estates Response is BOLDED: 

I would also like to very much stress that I will not allow those of you who feel that it’s OK to insult me or try to tell me how things actually happened when in fact, you have absolutely no idea of the circumstances that happened throughout this build to bring us to where we are today. I will not stand for anyone defending 14 Estates in this situation. 14 Estates may have built some fantastic homes for other customers and I am thrilled and happy for those customers but that was not the case or issue in our situation. 14 Estates has released a generic response to my reviews which contains false misleading information.

There has been no such insults or claims of insults portrayed by Fourteen Estates on this Facebook page. We have never insulted any clients including the ones that have differences with Fourteen Estates. We would like to be completely transparent in this matter, that any clients that do respond defending Fourteen Estates are doing so on their own discretion. We have seen incidents where our past clients are defending us because of their great experience only to be responded to harshly by the Admins of the page and its alleged followers. The response by the Admin of the page towards past clients is evidence enough to show her constituents what this page is really about. We have not released at any point generic responses that had misleading information, all of our responses are carefully reviewed in respect to the comments before responding.

The story that I have shared within this page is 100% true to the fact and I promise you I have not edited or changed a single photo nor have I posted any inaccurate untrue information. – We are not claiming the pictures the Admin is posting is inaccurate.

The truth is the project was NOT completed, period. You can’t expect to post unfinished pictures on a site and claim it to be a finished product. We have always remained confident that a resolution to the situation would be resolved so that we could complete the project we started. When you post pictures of unfinished work and spread it through social media as completed while knowing it was not, this is untrue and very misleading to the audience. 

Do not come onto my page and tell me how the story went or try to tell me that you know what happened because you haven’t got a clue what went down except for what 14 Estates has stated. 14 Estates is attempting to defend themselves by stating that we ran out of money and could no longer pay our invoices which is completely untrue and as I have stated many times before and 14 Estates seems to forget to inform everyone is that we offered to give all monies owing on all outstanding invoices to our lawyer to hold in trust to prove and show that we were capable of paying our invoices but just wanted further clarification on invoices before we paid them. We were being extremely overcharged on certain items and also being invoiced fully for jobs that were incomplete and not even done or started. 

Once again, the Admin is responding to a possible past client or persons that disagree(s) with the Admins claims. This has nothing to do with Fourteen Estates encouraging or creating fake responses. Fourteen Estates has never claimed on any platform that the clients have run out of money. There was a financial strain in the project that needed to be resolved immediately before we moved forward in completing the project. All invoices were carefully reviewed and sent by email and including multiple office meetings to rectify the discrepancies the clients may have had with the invoices. We were never overcharging the clients for what the Admin is claiming. The truth is the client approved all her choices before they were ordered and installed. When presenting the invoices for what they approved, they disagreed and claimed never approved. Our question is: “Why would the clients watch as the product was being installed and completed and then disapprove when the invoice was submitted for payment”? This happened all too often and we were always open to speaking to the clients regarding the invoicing. Clearly based on the page and other responses we can see they have spent money in marketing trying to de-rank our company. So no – we never thought money was an issue. However, instead of spending it on wasted time such as misleading marketing it could have been used to complete the home.

14 Estates is also claiming that the trades we brought in ourselves, caused all the issues and everything that’s wrong with the house and that is also not true and in fact, the trades that we hired and brought in ourselves did a fantastic job and there’s not a single issue with anything that they’ve done but it is always easier to point blame than take ownership.

The biggest claim to this is mainly around “Foam Insulation”. We provided the clients with 3 different trades that could perform this work fully and meet all requirements of the Ontario Building Code. The clients declined all 3 trade quotes because they felt it was too expensive. Keep in mind all 3 trades provided the clients with their quotes and were within the same relative price range with respect to the scope of work to be performed. The clients chose their own contractor who did not provide the product because the client claimed they could get the foam product at a cheaper rate to save costs through their business. Although the foam product did meet regulations and their contractor provided WSIB forms, there were many areas in which the foam contractor installed too much or very little. This caused issues in certain areas of the home, especially the attic area in which the Admin is claiming was not properly insulated. We would like to be very clear: we will ALWAYS take ownership and be accountable when we have made mistakes. We are not a perfect company and do make mistakes. We would always resolve any outstanding issues that were caused by us or our trades without delay.  

Here is a general list of some of the issues that we have with the house. These issues are not easily repaired and would not have been corrected prior to us moving in. I’m sick and tired of people posting saying that it’s not fair to them when the house is not complete when in actuality, these issues cannot be rectified when the house is 90% complete so do not tell me that it’s not fair to judge. I don’t want to hear it so don’t waste your time because it won’t be tolerated. If you feel the need to defend them, then go start your own page and get your own followers.

These are the current issues with our house:

* Code and plans call for a huge fire barrier in our attic…there are NONE
Plans did call and it would have been completed before occupancy. This is something we would never leave nor would the township allow.

* Serious engineering structural issues
These claims are unfounded. The client only claims this through their own source which has never been proven to be actually certified engineers. As part of the ongoing legal discussions, Fourteen Estates will evaluate through our own engineers and consultants. We don’t believe this to be true.

* Approx. 14 current roof leaks (causing ongoing drywall damage)
These claims are not validated by the Builder. If they claim the roof is leaking in this many areas, then why hasn’t one of their many consultants informed them to fix this before further damage occurs? This could have been prevented.

* Roof system is not to code
Not sure what Admin is referring to??

* Ventilation (attic) system is hugely LACKING
The roofing system was not fully complete, so claiming a lack of ventilation in the attic could be correct.  

* Many (over a dozen) broken roof trusses
This claim is unfounded. Our engineers along with Fourteen Estates would need to evaluate. If the trusses need to be repaired, this could easily be done.

* Incorrectly installed Tyvek (not wrapped over walls to cause a seal)
We are not clear as to what she is referring to. Fourteen Estates would need to review.

* No insulation in the corners of framing
This is denied. However, if Fourteen Estates was alerted to this while we were on site, it would have been remediated.

* Outdoor fireplace collapsed
The fireplace was NOT completed. Bricklayers were removed off site before they could complete.

* Mould (had to have professional remediation done)
Another thing that could have been easily prevented if we were still on site.  

* NOT one room has acceptable drywall/mud finish
This claim is 1 year after it was completed. Like we mentioned above, if we were still on site to complete the work, we would have upheld our commitment to being accountable to fix and repair this item to our client’s satisfaction.

* Serious issues with many doors and seals (outside elements blow in)
Caulking was not completed. This would be a problem. If any door seals and adjustments were to be made, it would have been done during final inspections.

* Exterior stone literally sagging and falling down
The clients were made aware by the mason, prior to installation, that the stone and sizes the clients wanted around windows were too large and may not be properly supported. The clients still wanted the mason to perform the work even though he advised of the potential complications. Either way, if Fourteen Estates remained on site, we would have come up with a solution to remedy this issue – as always.