Contractor Comments

“I am currently the tile and marble installer for Fourteen Estates and have been since 1992.

A 26-year working relationship is not all that common in the industry, except at Fourteen Estates.  I know of a couple of trades that have been here longer, and the majority are all 10 years or better. This I believe speaks volumes to the integrity and quality of this company’s practices. They have always delivered a quality product to a long list of satisfied customers and are continually winning awards for their work.

Working for Fourteen Estates has been and will continue to be a positive experience; in 26 years I have never seen them leave a project unfinished.”

Lou Orlandi, Lou Orlandi Contracting

“We have been working with Rick, Karen and Shawn Rondeau for 14 years. We have built a great relationship with the principle owners and their employees, working towards the ultimate goal of complete client satisfaction for their customers. Fourteen Estates always ensures their jobs are completed in a timely manner and that a quality standard is met equal to each home they build. As their garage door supplier, we have always provided a neat, professional installation and provided after service to their clients. Many of their clients continue to use our company for their service needs many years later.”


Kevin Chappel, Markham Garage Doors Ltd.

“I have been painting Fourteen Estates custom homes for the last 13 years, since 2005. Over this time I have established a great working relationship with Rick, Karin, Shawn, and many of their extended family. Truly a great relationship!!! We have completed countless projects together over this time. All with great success!!

As for the Jensen’s Residence, I can say with unequivocal assurance that it is the first and only project that I’ve worked on for Fourteen Estates that we have been asked to leave the project incomplete. Rick and Shawn have never pulled the trades off of a site since I’ve started working for them. I feel this was a “last resort” tactic to resolve what was clearly a strained situation for many reasons.

I’ve been on many projects, for many builders, that are similar in size and breadth of scope as the Jensen’s project. I have dealt with many home owners who are building a custom home. Throughout the process of building the Jensen’s their dream home I have never experienced the number of changes and lack of decision making by the owners as I did on their home. As I’m sure most people can understand, changes of this magnitude create problems with everyone involved. In my opinion, most of the Jensen’s issues are self inflicted due to their indecisiveness and inability to understand the basic building process.

Through out the process, even though issues with the home owners were arising on a weekly basis, Shawn and Fourteen Estates were always quick to communicate with the trades to resolve any conflicts or issues that had come up. Every trade I talked with, regarding the Jensen’s home, were all disappointed because they were not able to finish it to completion. Also, Shawn always assured that payment for work completed will be honoured and that his main concern at that point was to maintain a great working relationship with all of his trades. He has kept his word and honoured his commitment to the trades.

To be honest, I’m still hopeful that bridges can be made and conflicts can be resolved because I would love nothing more than to return and see the Jensen house to completion. Still hopeful!!”

Jamie Brock, In Living Colour Painting & Decorating

“I have been the HVAC, gas fireplace and in floor radiant heating contractor for Fourteen Estates for the last 5 years.

Tranquility Home Comfort Ltd has completed 47 of the last 48 homes we started with Fourteen Estates, who has also completed the last 47 of 48 homes. The Jensen’s is the only one.

One of the reasons I like working with Fourteen Estates is the long term relationship has given us a better understanding of what Shawn Rondeau and Rick Rondeau expect from us. It goes the same with working with the same trades from house to house. I can speak for all us in saying we are very proud of the work we do for Fourteen Estates. They are the most beautiful, majestic homes any of us have seen in our careers.

With the Jensen residence we were all excited when the project started. A home like this does not happen often.

As the project progressed so many unexpected challenges popped up and several very unusual request on equipment locations. It seemed like the owner was trying to re invent the wheel “sort of speak” on how to build a high end custom home.  I usually expect 1 or 2 difficult challenges per house.

With the Jensen residence it was becoming dozens of them to deal with. Everything we did was pushed to maximums which is not good because it leads into performance issues.

All of us, (Fourteen Estates and its trades) in my opinion went above and beyond our scope of work, to meet the  sometimes impossible demands or requests of the owners. We are all disappointed not to see the project to completion.

Please don’t believe everything the Jensen’s are saying about Fourteen Estates. There are two sides to a story.

I was surprised by Fourteen Estates when they made the final payment on the Jensen Residence account.

I was aware of non payment by the Jensen’s to Fourteen Estates and did not expect them to pay me until it was settled.

Fourteen Estates is the best builder I have worked with in my 31 year career. I look forward to working with them for another 31 years.”

Peter Watson, Tranquility Home Comfort Ltd.